The Smile is every Woman’s Sexiest Curve

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The eye’s are the window to the soul, but the smile is the window to the spirit!

Studies show that the first thing a man looks at when he meets a woman are her eye’s. The second thing he looks at is her SMILE.

Your smile say’s so much about you – it’s your calling card.  Here are 5 things you can do to keep your smile looking radiant.

1. WHITEN YOUR TEETH! It’s simple to do and since every dentist in Orinda, CA is doing it, it’s now quite affordable. A healthy, age related appearance, is to just get a little lighter than the whites of your eye’s. Of course, if you want people to think you’re European, skip teeth whitening.

2. Do you clench and grind your teeth? Get a NIGHTGUARD. As I talked about in an earlier blog there is a mathematical proportion to beauty. If you grind your teeth(which we ALL do), your front teeth will start to shorten and that will bring on an aged appearance. Thats right, you will start to look old!

3. FLOSS! Not only will flossing daily add about 10 years to your life, if you don’t do it you will get gum recession, when you get gum recession you get dark triangles in between your teeth, when you get dark triangles in between your teeth – you look older!

4. HYDRATE. Drink lots of water – this will keep your lips shiny, bright and full. Also, by drinking water you keep your mouth’s pH at a level that bacteria do not like and since bacteria cause bad breath – this is a good thing.

5. Yes, that’s right, SEE YOUR DENTIST REGULARLY. The sooner we can detect a problem and treat it , the more conservative we can be with dental treatment. When we’re more conservative we can make you look better, feel better and our work will last much longer.

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