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Restorative Dentistry in Orinda, CA

Find the joy in your smile.
Smile Vitality

Our primary motivation is to protect your smile so you can look and feel great throughout life! Accidental damage to your teeth, gradual decay, tooth loss, and debilitating pain are common obstacles many may face. However, you’re not alone in the fight, our team is by your side.

We are here to give you back your smile through restorative dentistry, specially designed to restore and enhance your oral health. Dr. SantucciLearn more about our dentist uses all his skill, training, and know-how to bring back the function and true beauty of your smile. He does all that while safeguarding your overall wellness too.

Restore your smile back to its prime with our outstanding services.

Function & Beauty

Restorative dentistry in Orinda, CA, has never been so comfortable and comprehensive!

Learn more about our restorative dentistry services and how Dr. Santucci can restore your smile:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
    Dr. Santucci can restore a tooth that has become damaged due to decay or trauma. He does this by using tooth-colored fillings that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

    These restorations are used to fill cavities and prevent bacteria-induced infection from spreading any further. They are safer than traditional metal fillings, and help prevent future dental problems such as decay or tooth loss.

    Our dentist in Orinda, CALearn more about our dentist, uses composite fillings that mimic your natural tooth color and look. What’s more, these modern fillings bond to your teeth (something metal fillings don’t do!), preventing decay and providing a longer-lasting restoration.

    All our tooth-colored fillings are discreet and blend nicely into your smile.

  • Dental Crowns
    When a tooth is severely decayed or cracked, a filling may not be enough to save it. Therefore, Dr. Santucci may recommend a dental crown.

    Much like a cap, a crown is placed on top of the damaged tooth. Its purpose is to protect and restore your tooth’s function and beauty.

    We work in collaboration with an esteemed dental laboratory to create beautiful and functional restorations. Each dental crown is specially designed using impressions and data provided by Dr. Santucci. Our doctor will assess the fit of the crown and make any adjustments needed for a suitable placement.

    With our use of modern technology, your crown will look and feel like a natural tooth as it blends in seamlessly with your smile.

  • Dental Bridges
    Losing a tooth can be very stressful and is a potential risk to your overall health. Accordingly, our caring team suggests finding a replacement solution as soon as possible.

    One such solution is a dental bridge. This custom-made restoration is used to replace a missing tooth and consists of two crowns bonded to each side of an artificial tooth. During the placement stage, the crowns are placed over the adjacent teeth (to the gap) and act as anchors to hold the artificial tooth in place.

    Bridges help maintain your tooth’s natural look and function while preventing further problems such as a TMJ disorder or teeth shifting out of position.

    Your dental bridge will be custom-made in collaboration with our renowned laboratory partner. Dr. Santucci will oversee the process to ensure the best possible outcome and fit.

  • Dental Implants
    If you have lost a tooth due to a traumatic event or severe decay, then dental implants can be a realistic and permanent solution for you.

    Dr. Santucci’s focus when working with dental implant restorations is to emphasize beauty and functionality. He uses his vast experience and attention to detail to provide you with natural-looking restorations that last a long time.

    What’s more, our Orinda dentistLearn more about our dentist only uses zirconium connections that blend in with your smile. Not only doe this material look good but it also provides many benefits for your smile and wellness.

    Restore your ability to speak, eat, laugh, and smile with confidence!

  • Inlays & Onlays
    Inlays and onlays are used to repair teeth with mild decay or teeth that are cracked and fractured.

    These restorations are designed to replace any missing section of a tooth or repair damage that is too extensive for a filling.

    Both inlays and onlays are custom-made and are produced by our partner dental lab. Dr. Santucci will bond the inlay or onlay to the tooth once it has been adjusted to fit your smile.

    Inlays are placed inside the cusp of the tooth, while onlays extend over the cusps. Both restorations are made of tooth-colored material and produce amazing results for our special guests.

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
    In the most complicated dental situations, you can depend on the skill and qualifications of Dr. Jess Santucci. His advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry allows him to evaluate your overall well-being and relieve aches, pains, and other discomfort caused by an improper bite.

    This becomes the foundation for full mouth rehabilitation, a complex series of dental treatments designed to regain full functionality and vitality of the mouth.

    What’s involved in full mouth rehabilitation?

    Dr. Santucci can transform your smile using the following procedures and techniques:

    • Gum restoration
    • Teeth alignment
    • Dental implants
    • Dental crowns
    • Porcelain veneers
    • Teeth whitening
    • Mouthguards

    When this form of extensive dental work is needed, our friendly team will create a custom treatment plan just for you!

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“When I went to see Dr. Santucci, I was eagerly searching for an escape from the consistent pain that plagued me. I was scared to fall asleep at night knowing I would further damage my teeth. His practice of Neuromuscular Dentistry had the solution. I was fitted for a custom orthotic that helped regulate my jaw so that I could bite down properly. Not only did I get immediate relief from the pain, but I also now wake up every morning more well-rested than ever”

Andrea (Santucci Guest)


Neuromuscular Dentistry

Removing pain so you can reclaim your life!
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TMJ Therapy

A mature man smiling while wearing a black shirt

If you experience migraines, headaches, a sore neck and shoulder muscles, vertigo, or ringing in the ears, you may be suffering from the effects of a TMJ disorder.

As an expert in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Santucci treats the cause of TMJ rather than just the symptoms, with a non-invasive approach.

Learn more about his TMJ solutions.

Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a serious condition where you stop breathing while you sleep. It is caused by a blockage in the back of the throat, resulting in an inability to breathe and causing chronic snoring.

As a leader in restorative dentistry, Dr. Santucci provides non-invasive sleep apnea treatments to improve your quality of sleep and give you back your health.

Find out more about sleep apnea.

A patient of Doctor Santucci lying on the dentist's chair in the dental office
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