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Teeth Whitening in Orinda, CA

Get a radiant smile in optimal comfort.

Show Off Your Bright White Smile

Do you feel your smile has become faded and needs a new sparkle? Dr. Santucci’s professional teeth whitening solution could be the ideal option for you.

Using the Opalescence® Whitening SystemOpens a new window to the official website, we can make your smile shine in the brightest shade of white!

Let us take years off your appearance and transform the way you perceive yourself (and your smile!). Feel free and confident to share your bright and beautiful smile with the world.


Opalescence® Whitening

Achieve your confident-inspiring smile.

We are committed to creating the brightest smiles for our wonderful guests. Our Opalescence® Whitening System helps you achieve outstanding results while enjoying the journey to a brighter smile.

You can customize the color of your smile and enjoy feeling confident once again!

  • How Does Opalscence Work?
    We’ll provide you with customized bleaching trays and the Opalescence® whitening gel. You then simply add the gel to the trays, place them onto your teeth, and wear them for the prescribed amount of time. The trays’ convenient and comfortable design makes them easy to use at home.

    Dr. SantucciLearn more about our dentist will decide the length of time you’ll need to wear the trays based on your specific needs. You may need to wear them for only 30 minutes a day, while others may need to wear them several hours or even overnight.

    We’ll send you home with precise instructions so you get the best results possible.

  • How Is Opalescence Different?
    Opalescence® gel contain an active whitening ingredient, which reduces tooth sensitivity and helps strengthen tooth enamel (the outer layer that protects your tooth). As oxygen molecules from the gel penetrate the tooth enamel, they spread, breaking apart stains and leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.
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“Dr. Jess Santucci and his staff have had a significantly positive impact on both my oral and overall health, and fundamentally enriched the overall quality of my life. ”

Ellen (Santucci Guest)

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