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Sleep Apnea

Snoring is no joke.

Ready To Start Sleeping Soundly?

Dr. SantucciLearn more about our dentist has extended his knowledge scope to include neuromuscular dentistry. As part of his commitment to helping you achieve good health, our doctor can diagnose and treat sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition where you stop breathing while you sleep. In essence, your airway collapses, restricting oxygen to your organs and brain. If ignored, it can cause several impactful symptoms and lead to serious health problems.

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The Impacts of Sleep Apnea

Many suffer from the following symptoms:
Waking during sleep due to interrupted breathing

Constant fatigue or sluggishness


Severely dry mouth upon waking up

Loss of short-term memory



Orthotic Treatment

Dr. Santucci uses orthotic appliances to provide relief.

An orthotic or oral appliance is used by Dr. Santucci to maintain proper airflow while you sleep and eliminate the impact of sleep apnea symptoms.

The orthotic is custom-made to fit into your mouth comfortably so as not to disturb your sleep. These modern appliances are more convenient than a CPAP machine and significantly reduce sleep apnea episodes.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of sleep apnea, then please contact us for a consultation and discover if our orthotic treatment is right for you.

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“I was fitted for a custom orthotic that helped regulate my jaw so that I could bite down properly. Not only did I get immediate relief from the pain, but I also now wake up every morning more well-rested than ever. ”

Andrea (Santucci Guest)

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