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The Postural Chain

The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone,

the hip bone’s connected to the …well you get it.



This is the rhyme we learned as kids to teach us that everything is connected. This is the rhyme we learned to teach us that if we hurt our shoulder it could affect our knee. Who knew this would turn out to be true!


I never believed that everything was connected until I started to study Neuromuscular Dentistry. That’s when I learned about the Postural Chain. It starts at our feet then moves to the knee, hip, shoulder, neck and TMJ (jaw joint). Actually it ends at the teeth since the teeth determine how the TMJ is aligned. You didn’t think the Dentist would write a blog that did not involve the teeth would you? Anything that happens to one part of the chain will affect the rest of the chain. People can totally understand that if they hurt their foot, sooner or later, they will have a knee problem. But, they have a very hard time grasping the fact that if their jaw joint is misaligned it will cause problems with their necks, shoulders, upper and lower back and even their hips. Treating TMJ issues is the most rewarding part of my practice.



June came to our practice with chronic migraines. Once we were able to put here jaw in the correct Neuromuscular position with an Orthotic her migraines went away. To date June has not had a migraine in over 5 years! But, what is really interesting is that June also suffered from debilitating back pain. Her lower back would go out at times where all she could do was lay on the floor motionless. June has not had a single back problem since her Orthotic! Postural Chain!


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