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Not Goodbye…See You Soon!

Dentist OrindaIt is with a sad heart that I tell you that Sabrina is no longer with our team. She has made the awesome decision to be a stay home mom.

Look at those two angels, can you blame her?

Sabrina was with us for over four years. When I first interviewed her what came through was her sweet personality and that constant smile on her face. What we came to find out later is she has a wicked good sense of humor and is ferociously competitive (I found out the hard way and lost a hundred bucks).

She made it fun to come to work everyday. I will miss her laugh and the way she and Marissa used to gang up on me.

But…this is not goodbye…it’s see you soon.

My wife Maribel and I have become very fond of Sabrina and her family and they will always be apart of our family.

We love you guys! See you soon…

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