Sports & Mouthguards in Orinda

A football on the field illustrates how our dentists creates custom sports and mouthguards in Orinda, CA.

Your Smile Deserves All The Protection Available

Custom made mouthguard by Orinda dentist, Jess Santucci

Mouthguards offered by East Bay area specialist in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Jess Santucci, provide much more than just protection of your mouth during sports. These mouthguards offer an undeniable increase in the performance of the entire body, and may be a great alternative for anyone with noticeable signs of teeth grinding without pain. Thats why dentists in Orinda, CA recommend custom fitted mouthguards to many of their patients.

Action Guard mouthguards may actually help you boost your sports performance. Misalignment of the jaw begins a chain reaction that will throw off the alignment of the entire body. These neuromuscular mouthguards improve the entire postural alignment, increasing strength, flexibility, balance and oxygen flow in an instant. You’ll receive full protection of your teeth and mouth, with the advantage of your best performance possible.

Mouthguards may also be a great alternative for our guests with noticeable signs of teeth grinding without pain, as they absorb the force and prevent the teeth from wearing down. When worn at night, your teeth will be fully protected from unconscious grinding. Because they are custom-fit just for you, you’ll experience a comfortable fit that will go unnoticed while you sleep.

Speak with Dr. Santucci, your cosmetic dentist in Orinda, about mouthguards. Whatever your purpose, one will be custom designed specific to you and your needs.

Dr. Santucci provides comfortable, custom fitted Orinda mouthguards for East Bay, Walnut Creek and Lafayette, CA.