Teeth Whitening

A man smiles to show how Teeth Whitening at our Orinda practice can brighten your smile.Orinda Teeth Whitening System Logo

Show Off Your Bright White Smile

Orinda teeth whitening treatments using Opalescence Whitening Systems, offered by Dr. Santucci, are among the easiest ways to restore the natural vitality and shine of your smile. As we age, it’s normal for teeth to become discolored and dull for many reasons, and in our society, teeth are everything. There’s no reason to put up with the embarrassment of having stained, drab teeth. A simple Orinda teeth whitening treatment takes ages off of your appearance, and makes a huge difference in the way you look and feel overall.

East Bay dentist, Dr. Santucci finds that using Opalescence Whitening Systems are the most efficient way to whiten teeth, giving you the most bang for your buck. A customized bleaching tray and whitening gel are created just for you, and are designed for easy use right at home. The results are safe, effective, and sure to achieve the ideal whiteness you’re after at your own convenience.

If your desire is a brighter, whiter smile, Opalescence teeth whitening by East Bay area dentist, Dr. Santucci, may be just what you’re looking for. A phone call is all it takes to begin your Orinda teeth whitening treatment!

Dr.  Santucci provides comprehensive Orinda teeth whitening for East Bay, Walnut Creek and Lafeyette, CA.