Laser Dentistry

An actual guest of our Dentist in Orinda, CA who had laser dental treatments to improve her smile.

Technology That Keeps You Healthy & Comfortable

We take pride in being able to offer only the highest standards in dental technology in Orinda. Laser dentistry using a soft-tissue laser is offered to our guests as an alternative for many procedures that have required more invasive tools in the past. As a virtually pain-free option for many dental treatments, laser dentistry by East Bay area dentist, Dr. Jess Santucci, has improved oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry experiences, while providing little to no recovery time.

In our dental office in Orinda, laser dentistry is offered in many situations. The use of soft-tissue laser is the ideal option for oral hygiene cleanings, as our hygienist uses it to kill bacteria between the tooth and gums almost instantly, preventing it from entering the bloodstream. It may also be used during placement of crowns, and other restorative treatments. In cosmetic dental cases, gum contouring has been significantly simplified, removing the need for a scalpel. For any treatments, low level laser therapy helps heal the soft-tissue of the mouth as your treatment is in process, meaning an almost instant recovery with virtually no pain.

Providing advanced dental technology, such as laser dentistry, to the East Bay area ensures our guests are receiving only the best in quality dental services and care. Contact us today!

Dr. Santucci provides gentle, comprehensive care with Orinda laser dentistry for East Bay, Walnut Creek and Lafayette, CA.