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Cosmetic dentistry cases with stunning results

We believe everyone deserves to have a smile they truly love. For some, that means making minor cosmetic enhancements, while others desire a more dramatic change. Either way, Orinda dentist Dr. Santucci strives to make every smile design experience an excellent one! See what our guests are saying about their experiences in these dental reviews from Orinda area residents.

Maggie, a real guest who had cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore her smile at our Walnut Creek area dental practice.

“Dr. Santucci was able to work his artistry on my smile and mouth in ways that I could not even begin to imagine after my trauma.

Before the accident my smile was natural (no orthodontia) and pretty nice. After the accident I could’ve competed with NHL players for the world’s worst smile! It is amazing what this change can do. Being able to smile creates confidence and the happiness you feel when smiling can affect your entire life and the lives of those around you. Even though I was not aware of this before the accident Dr. Santucci is keenly aware of this fact.

When Dr. Santucci recreated my smile he was exacting and ensured that it was completely natural. If something was not absolutely right he ensured that it was changed to be made just right! Anyone who did not know about the accident can never guess what it is that I had done. They just notice something different, tell me I am looking good and comment on how young I look. And it was all the smile!

In addition to his phenomenal skills in aesthetics Dr. Santucci and his staff excel at patient service. He and his staff were so supportive throughout this process. “Before” I had already considered Jess and his staff as close partners. Because of this event and because of how genuinely compassionate they were in taking care of me I now feel that they are true friends.

Dr. Santucci gave me back my smile and my life. The final result after having Dr. Santucci complete his art is something that I never thought was possible. My confidence has been regained and the life I had “before” has been reclaimed and then some. ”


Mark, a real guest of Dr. Jess Santucci, an expert in cosmetic dentistry in the Walnut Creek area

“Dr. Santucci is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met! I can honestly say the moment I met him I was convinced he was the dentist to help me achieve the smile I was looking for. I had been to several other cosmetic dentists and didn’t feel they had the knowledge or confidence that Dr. Santucci exhibited the moment he walked in the room.

He listens while you talk and hears what you’re saying. Dr. Santucci’s goal was to give me exactly what I wanted and he delivered, exceeding abundantly above anything I hoped for. The complete cosmetic procedure was so painless that several times I fell asleep in the chair. Dr. Santucci is a master in his field, a true artist and perfectionist at what he does. I am extremely happy with the smile I have and will recommend Dr. Santucci to all!”


Sharon, a real patient of Dr. Santucci

“When I was first thinking of having Dr. Santucci improve my smile I asked several friends for advice. Each friend replied with a version of “Your teeth are ok”. I decided to have the work done as I felt my smile was the most prominent part of my face and that it could look healthier. My smile now does look healthier and is also more flattering to me. I know because when my friends saw the new smile they all said ‘Oh yeah, that DOES look good!'”


Sue, a real patient of Dr. Santucci in Walnut Creek

“Dr. Santucci’s office is like a “spa.” I love coming here. Everyone is so nice and friendly and they all treat you so well with their warm and caring attitude. My teeth look and feel just great. It’s a “2nd home” to me, and they have become my good friends. I recommend them highly!”

Dorothy, a real guest of Dr. Jess Santucci who was helped with head and neck pain through treatment for her teeth grinding

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jess Santucci for over 15 years. He is a remarkable man, a caring dentist, and a good friend. My teeth and gums are healthy and beautiful and it’s because of the quality of attention and care provided by Jess and his team. I suffered for many years with daily head and neck aches. I had no idea of the cause and took daily doses of Advil to relieve the pain. Just through casual conversation with Jess, he was convinced that the source of my problem was that my bite was off. He also felt that this was the reason that I was grinding my teeth. We began the process to correct my bite and I now have a very comfortable jaw and the constant pain is gone. This has had such an amazing impact on my life. During the process, I was in the office to see Jess every 2-3 weeks for adjustments. It may sound crazy, but I always looked forward to my appointments! Everyone there is so happy, and friendly, and I have always enjoyed my visits. I no longer have the need for the same frequency of visits, which is great, but I really miss seeing them all.”


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