TMJ Treatment

An actual guest of our Orinda dentist who specializes in TMJ treatments.

Life Changing Treatment From Your Orinda Dentist

If you experience migraine headaches, sore neck and shoulder muscles, vertigo or ringing in the ears, it’s likely you may be suffering from the effects of TMJ disorder. Often, people suffering from TMJ disorder seek years of advice from many different medical experts, without resolution. Being able to treat these cases, renewing both function and comfort from TMJ symptoms, is something Orinda dentist Dr. Santucci finds truly gratifying. Why? Because without a doubt, removing evidence of TMJ disorder improves the wellness of the entire body, and enhances quality of life.

As an expert in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Santucci treats the cause of TMJ in his Orinda dental office, rather than just the symptoms, with a non-invasive approach:

Phase 1:

Orthotic treatment. A TMJ appliance is worn to place your jaw in its correct physiological position. Once your pain and symptoms subside, you have the option of sticking with this orthotic treatment, or moving on to the next phase.

Phase 2:

Neuromuscular orthodontics or full mouth rehabilitation. The object of this second phase is to keep your jaw in its correct physiological position without the need for an orthotic.

Dr. Santucci’s extensive training gives him the opportunity to renew the function and beauty of your smile, while treating the chronic pains associated with TMJ disorders. In fact, his precision has many dentists in the Orinda and East Bay area referring their patients suffering from TMJ to him for treatment. Seek excellent TMJ treatment by Dr. Santucci, and experience honest, life-changing results.

Dr. Santucci provides comprehensive care forĀ Orinda TMJ treatment for East Bay, Walnut Creek and Lafayette, CA.