TMJ Dentistry

An actual guest of Dr. Santucci who was helped with TMJ disorder at our East Bay area dental practice.

Stop Suffering – Get The Relief You Deserve

Many suffer from debilitating headaches, vertigo, and pain of the neck and shoulders; all are symptoms of disorders of the temporomanibular joint (TMJ). Many guests seek years upon years of professional help, hoping to find relief of the discomforts associated with TMJ. East Bay dentist, Dr. Santucci, finds nothing more satisfying than using his advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry to provide relief for his guests who have been suffering from TMJ complications.

Neuromuscular dentistry is centered around treating problems associated with misalignment of the jaw and improper bite. It focuses on the correlations between the functionality of the mouth and the rest of the body, including the nervous system, muscles, and circulatory system. Only truly qualified neuromuscular dentists, like Dr. Santucci, have a definite understanding of this complex association and are able to offer relief to those suffering from pain and discomfort.

Dr. Santucci is here to help, offering the following East Bay TMJ services:

Dr.  Santucci provides specialized care for treatment of TMJ to East Bay, Walnut Creek and Lafayette at his Orinda, CA office.