Metal-Free Fillings

An actual guest of Cosmetic Dentistry expert in Walnut Creek Dr. Jess Santucci

Keeping Your Smile Strong and Healthy

At our practice we offer only the highest standards in cosmetic dentistry to Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas. That’s why metal fillings are no longer an option in our Orinda dentist office; we know that metal-free restorations are simply the best solution when it comes to the look and health of your smile. In fact, Dr. Santucci has not placed anything other than metal-free restorations for about 15 years.

Metal-free restorations offer many benefits that metal fillings cannot. While you may realize that metal-free restorations are much more pleasing to the eye, many don’t realized that they are also a better option for your health. Metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes, which may weaken the tooth or even cause it to break. These changes may also cause spaces between the tooth and filling, creating a home for bacteria which may result in decay.

More Durable – While Still Looking Great

Thankfully, metal-free restorations are a safer, more durable option that keep your smile looking fabulous. Don’t risk the health and vitality of your smile, choose metal-free fillings by Dr. Santucci, offering topnotch services in cosmetic dentistry to Walnut Creek, Orinda and the entire East Bay area.

Dr. Santucci provides comprehensive metal-free fillings servicesĀ for East Bay, Lafayette andĀ Walnut Creek cosmetic dentistry at his Orinda office.