Dental Implants for Orinda, CA

An actual guest of our Dentist in Orinda CA received dental implants to restore her smile.

Regain Your Happy Smile

There may not be a more perfect solution for replacing missing teeth of our guests in Orinda than dental implants. Because they provide the most natural replacement for missing teeth in both aesthetics and functionality, dental implants are often preferred over dentures or bridges. Orinda dentist, Dr. Santucci’s restorations for dental implants offer his East Bay area guests a naturally gorgeous smile that’s meant to last a lifetime.

Attention to detail, with an emphasis on beauty and functionality, are Dr. Santucci’s focus in the restorations of your dental implants. Special care is taken in placement, to be certain you experience the best results possible. To provide the most eye-pleasing results, only zirconium abutments are used for his dental implant restorations. Guests who choose Orinda dental implants with restorations done by Dr. Santucci will walk out of our office with a brand new smile just as natural in appearance and function as the set they were born with.

Don’t sacrifice the natural beauty and operation of your smile to missing teeth. Consider your options with dental implants. East Bay’s Dr. Santucci can help. Schedule your consultation, and begin your journey to a new smile.

Dr. Santucci provides comprehensive services for  Orinda dental implants for East Bay, Walnut Creek and Lafayette, CA.