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Your Orinda dentist takes part in giving back to the community

Dentist OrindaYour dentist in Orinda loves his community, and tries to give back anyway he can. Well Dr. Santucci recently donated a Teeth Whitening Procedure to the Contra Costa County Library’s adult literacy program called Project Second Chance (PSC). At PSC’s recent fundraiser, they raffled Dr. Santucci’s Teeth Whitening procedure, and many people were thrilled to participate.

Dr. Santucci is proud to help whenever he can especially to the PSC. It is a nonprofit that offers free one-on-one reading instructions to people over the age of 16 and out of school. These adults are usually between the ages 35-55, and never learned how to read or write at a young age. This program is a great opportunity for adults because reading will not only give them the opportunity to exceed their education, but also give them the confidence to pursue life-long dreams.

Dr. Santucci and his team strive to not only perform excellent dentistry, but also to help those in need and making a difference in their lives! To learn more about PSC and see how you can help change someone’s life, visit their website at

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