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Treat Your TMJ Disorder From Your Neuromuscular Dentistry Specialist

TMJ Lafayette CADo you have constant migraines? Experiencing excruciating pain in your lower jaw? Are your ears ringing? These are few of the many symptoms of TMJ disorder. TMJ is known as temporomandibular joints, which are the hinge joints attaching the lower jaw to the skull. Thanks to these small joints, you are able to talk, chew, and yawn. TMJ disorder occurs when the joints are misaligned from its socket, which results in pain and tension in the jaw and facial muscles overtime.


Dr. Santucci knows that living pain free from TMJ is essential for your well-being, and he can provide treatment for TMJ in Lafayette, CA. What makes Dr. Santucci stand out from other medical experts is the fact he specializes in neuromuscular dentistry. In other words, your dentist in Orinda, CA will concentrate on eliminating the cause of TMJ and not the symptoms in his Orinda dental office. Dr. Santucci will use non-invasive approaches to treat your TMJ disorder in two phases.

Phase 1: This phase takes an orthotic approach where you will wear a TMJ appliance to correct your jaw position.

Phase 2: You will receive a full mouth rehabilitation (neuromuscular orthodontics) that will hold your jaw in the correct position, but does not require the need for an orthotic.

Under the professional and trustworthy care of Dr. Santucci, you will still be able to keep your beautiful smile while the chronic pain from TMJ disorder disappears. In fact, many dentists refer to Dr. Santucci for TMJ disorder treatment.

Suffering from TMJ disorder? Contact Dr. Santucci or request a virtual consultation today and get started in living a pain-free, healthy life!

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