This is Not Your Parent’s Hygiene Visit Part II

Orinda dentistThe Doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

-Thomas Edison

Studies done on Alaskan and Canadian Inuit Eskimo’s found they had zero tooth decay and Zero gum disease. Why? They are not exposed to the industrial world – no pollution, cigarette smoke and specifically – no processed foods! 

Unfortunately the rest of us are exposed to these conditions so we need to be a little more diligent with our homecare, diet and – seeing our Orinda Dentist.

What should you expect from a modern Hygiene visit? Here’s the 10 things we do at every visit.

1. Your Health History is updated. It’s amazing how many things can affect what we see in your mouth.

2. A thorough Oral Cancer Screening is performed. This includes checking the lymph nodes of the head and neck and ALL the soft tissue of the mouth and throat. When Marissa does this it feels like a massage.

3. The TMJ Joints are evaluated. Catching problems early is always the goal.

4. Your Gums are checked. This is done when Marissa takes that little pokey thing and measures in between the gums and tooth.

5. Every single tooth is checked.  This is done by Marissa and myself.

6. Prior to any “cleaning” of the teeth, Marissa uses our Laser and sweeps in between all the gums and teeth. This temporarily kills the bacteria below your gumline and prevents the nasty bacteria their from flooding into your bloodstream during your cleaning.

7. The majority of the “cleaning” should be performed by some type of Ultrasonic Cleaner with the rest being performed by hand. The Ultrasonis Cleaner has less sensitivity, is more thorough and more efficient than hand scaling.

8. Floss.

9. Triangle. When I come in for my check, Marissa will go over everything she did and give me the status of all area’s examined.

10. A nice Warm Towel to refresh yourself.

Good Health!

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