The Proportion of Beauty (Part II)

Dorothy, an actual patient of Dr. Santucci

It’s pretty obvious that Dorothy is a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile and after reading Part I you now know why. Dorothy is also one of those people that get’s more beautiful the more you know her (you know, inner beauty).

Do you remember that show, Extreme Makeover (for people)? Well, in the beginning Dentistry was just an afterthought until they realized that no matter how beautiful the woman was or how handsome the man was, if they didn’t have great teeth and a great smile it threw the whole thing off.

Once the producers figured this out a system was set up where they would fly people from all over the country to L.A., when the patients got off the plane a limo would take them to the Dentist’s office. If the Dentist said he could work with them then they had a chance to be on the show. If he said he could not work on them in the time alloted, that person would be immediately taken back to the airport and flown home!

Our eye’s may be the window to our soul but our smile is the window to our spirit!

A smile is a huge asset in our society.

In other societies……                                                                    Not so much!

A beautiful woman with a small gap in her teeth








If this woman had her mouth closed she would look like a model. She’s probably very beautiful, I mean, she’s on a red carpet somewhere. In a future blog I’ll show studies of the judgements people make based on teeth appearance alone.

So, how do we know how to create beautiful teeth or more importantly a beautiful smile.

Well, there is a great deal involved but throughout the design process The Golden Proportion is always taken into account. In designing where to place the jaw, how long the teeth should be, what shape the teeth should be and even how wide to make the arches of her upper and lower teeth.

Do me a favor. Look at these two women. Now, put Dorothy’s smile in the other lady.

Enough said.

Check out our Smile Gallery and read testimonials from actual patients of Dr. Jess Santucci for more examples of the importance of a healthy attractive smile.


Fight on!



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