The Proportion of Beauty (Part 1)

A beautiful woman holding a bar of chocolate

The Parthenon in Greece


Michelangelo’s David


A BMW 6 Series Convertible


Sophia Loren (o.k. I’m showing my age)

Sofia Vergara

We all know beauty when we see it. But why are these people, places and things considered beautiful?

Why don’t we think this guy is beautiful?









Why don’t we think this car is beautiful?

There is a proportion to beauty, as humans we see beauty in a certain mathematical proportion.

This proportion was discovered by the Greeks 2400 years ago and it has been inserted into art, architecture and almost every facet of our society since then. This proportion is:


It’s called the Golden Proportion

You may think that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that’s true to a certain extent, but when what we are looking at more closely approaches the Golden Proportion the more our brain see’s it as “beautiful”. This is hardwired into our software, it’s very primal. It is essentially how we know how to pick a mate. The more we approach the Golden Proportion, the more “healthy” and “fit” we appear to each other. This also carries over into how we view everything around us.

O.K. here is my disclaimer. We all know there is inner beauty and outer beauty. This blog does not discount the power and importance of inner beauty, it’s just taking a scientific view of how we “see” beauty.

A cool little instrument called “The Golden Mean Gauge” was invented to accurately measure the Golden Proportion.




As you can see the Golden Proportion is all around us.

Nature:                                                                                                Art:









Architecture:                                                                                             And even Fashion:










But, What’s really going to blow your mind is this:











THAT’S RIGHT!    The EKG patterns of our heart follow the Golden Proportion!

There are dozen’s of examples I could give but it would be more of the same. Next time I’ll discuss how we incorporate The Golden Proportion into Cosmetic Dentistry – Smile Design and Porcelain Veneer’s. Have a great week!



















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