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TMJ Dentistry |2 min read

The Postural Chain

The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the …well you get it.     This is the rhyme we learned as kids to teach us that everything is connected. This is the rhyme we learned to teach us that if we hurt our...

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Office News |1 min read

Good Times! Good Times!

              Orinda Dentist, Dr. Jess Santucci and Team celebrate the Holiday Season at Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa! I work with some pretty wonderful ladies and Maribel and I always look forward to our year end party. On the Limo...

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Office News |1 min read

One More on the Way!

This is Sabrina and her son PJ, at our house for a BBQ in June. Look at how cute that little guy is! You would think the adorableness quotient would be so high that Sabrina and her husband Peter, would be good for awhile. Not so much. They’ve got another one on...

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