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TMJ Dentistry |2 min read

Find Freedom From Migraines!

Do you or a family member suffer from migraines or severe headaches? Migraines can affect people of all ages, including children, and can completely interfere with the ability to function. Did you know Dr. Santucci may be able to help? 8 fascinating migraine...

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Cosmetic Dentistry |2 min read

Should I Be Whitening My Teeth?

By now you probably already know that in Orinda teeth whitening is quite popular! Why not? Who wouldn’t want a movie star’s whiter, brighter smile? Could it even mean a boost in your social ratings and self-esteem? A survey conducted by NCBI claims it may!...

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TMJ Dentistry |2 min read

Why Does My Jaw “Pop” When I Eat?

Eating can be a noisy business—crunching carrots, slurping soup, etc.—but should your jaw be adding to the orchestra with popping noises? No! If you feel an awkward shifting, locking, or popping in your jaw, you’ve got yourself a problem. A visit to Orinda TMJ...

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