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The Great Imposter

A goldfish wearing a shark  noun  im-pas-ter

one who deceives others by pretending to be someone else

TMJ is called, “The Great Imposter”, because it’s symptoms mimic the symptoms of many other diseases. A better way to say this is that there is no way the average person could imagine that headaches, migraines, vertigo, tinnitus, neck and shoulder pain, etc could come from a bad bite (TMJ)!

In fact close to 90% of the people we treat for these symptoms have very little to no pain in their jaw joint!

Before I started practicing TMJ dentistry to treat Orinda patients’ TMJ, my wife, Maribel, would get horrible migraines. Usually monthly, but sometimes more often. When a migraine was about to come on she would have to leave were she was, go home, put a bandana around her head and lay in a dark silent room for hours. Her physicians treated her symptoms, they gave her drugs. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t and even when it did work the drugs wiped her out.

Once I started my training it was pretty easy to see that her bite was causing the problem. We fitted her with a Neuromuscular Orthotic and she has not had a migraine in 10 years!

Our next blog will detail HOW and WHY your bite can cause all, but not limited to these symptoms:



Neck & Shoulder pain

Ringing in the ears

Ear Congestion


Facial pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Difficulty chewing & Swallowing


Facial Pain

Postural Problems

One thought on “The Great Imposter
  1. Avatar for Dr. Jess Santucci
    Sara Johnson

    Hello Dr.
    Just searching the internet for neuromuscular trained dentists. My husband and I flew to Kansas City to see a Dr. Parabu Raman. My husband was diagnosed with “Cervical dystonia” , of which there is no cure and changes everything about your life. Dr. Raman “cured” my husband with advanced nueromuscular dentistry. so I back up your post about TMJ being an impostor of other ailments. Thank you to you and everyone who studies this line of dentistry. Keep going!
    Sara Johnson
    Napa, CA

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