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It’s all about you (and only you!)

 Often times a guest will comment, “Am I the only one in the office?” or “I only ever see one other person when I come in”. Well, that’s by design!

It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the masses”.

This is one of our favorite quotes and it sums up our philosophy regarding guest care.

Marissa see’s one guest per hour and that hour is spent focusing on your needs. This is not your parents hygiene visit, in fact, I think I just came up with a title to one of our future blogs. 🙂

I see about 4-5 people/day. There is no “chair hopping” going on here. When you sit down I don’t leave your side until we’re finished.

Scheduling a small number of people a day allows us to focus completely on the person in front of us. It also allows us to provide a very high level of care and a high level of personalized service.

 Early is on time, on time is late and once late is once too many.


I LOVE THIS QUOTE! This was instilled in me as a kid and I carry it over to our practice. When you enter our door you are immediately greeted by Sabrina and you’ll also notice a big, comfy leather couch. Our goal is to never let anyone sit on that couch. Actually, our stated mission is to run early 100% of the time and be on time at the latest. It’s gotten to the point where our guests will come in 10 minutes early and walk right on through…. and we love it!

Marissa and Sabrina have told me I need to keep these blog’s short or else people will get bored and stop reading them. I’m also supposed to put key words and phrases in here like: Orinda Dentists and Dentists East Bay so that we can hyper-link it and it will take you to parts of the website. 🙂 It’s actually pretty cool.

If I’ve done my job in these 393 words you’ll realize that we are a very different kind of dental office, one that values your time, one that values you as an individual and one that will hopefully be caring for you in the future!

We all look forward to seeing you again or possibly meeting you for the first time!






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