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You know when you go on a job interview or a college interview and they ask you,”what’s your biggest fault?” Like we’re going to say, “I have narcolepsy and I fall asleep every 20 minutes”. No, we say,”I work too hard”, “I’m a workaholic” Duh! How do we all say that with a straight face?

Well, my biggest fault is that sometimes I can………..Procrastinate! That’s why it’s taken me so long to introduce our wonderful new team member-Michelle!

We welcome Michelle to our dental practice

Michelle has been with us for 8 months! I know, I know – my bad. When I placed an ad for the position on Craigslist, I received over 100 resumes,  interviewed 5, and it took about 30 seconds after Michelle walked in the door to know that she was perfect for our dental team in Orinda. During our entire interview, she had a big smile on her face and we laughed the whole time.

Michelle is one of those people that you always feel better about yourself when you’re around her and even though she’s a Disney fanatic she has a wicked good sense of humor and isn’t afraid to mix it up.

WELCOME MICHELLE!  It seems like you’ve been here all along.



2 comments on “Welcome!……Finally!”
  1. Avatar for Dr. Jess Santucci
    Jeff Cagle

    Congrats to Michelle and to the rest of the team!!!

  2. Avatar for Dr. Jess Santucci

    I love Michelle and glad she’s a part of your team!!

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